We invite you to take an unconventional approach to employing resources. Instead of hiring, tap into our arenas of expertise.

What We Are Not

CONSULTANTS : As the familiar saying goes, “consultants borrow your watch to tell you the time, and charge you for it.” We don’t spend your money pontificating, strategizing unnecessarily or regurgitating what you already know.

What We Are

YARE : Set for action, we are nimble, resourceful and prepared to support your vision by generating what’s required to turn it into reality. We get it. You need it now, and you need it done right. Pull from our years of building successful companies and tap vast arenas of expertise. The Yare Group provides experienced, senior-level talent to help ease your workload, fill important functions and implement your ideas in a manner that’s timely, cost-effective, creative and, most importantly, profitable. We help you do more with less, so you realize the success you’re destined to achieve.

Arenas of Expertise

All things Creative : all advertising mediums, marketing, sales, public relations, new product roll-out, rebranding, brand boosting, video and event production, MC and other public speaking, viral video and social media campaigns, generating for start-ups: company names, logos and a comprehensive brand identity marketing strategy.

All things Technology : database creation, web design, customized documentation management and the conversion of operational processes into virtual platforms.

All things Writing : Business, creative, grant, fundraising, speeches, advertising copy, articles, training, internal and external communications.

All things Operational : process mapping, operational performance evaluation, best practices implementation, procedural and guideline manuals, employee engagement programs from conception to implementation.

All things Entrepreneurial : Strategic plan development, implementation and monitoring, including market research, segmentation and investigation.

All things Eventful : Unique, innovative and top-notch event planning from consultation to full coordination. Sales meetings, Expos, tradeshows, fundraising.

All things : Essentially, you tell us your need and we get the job done.

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All the right people. None of the payroll.